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When jewelry designer Victor Manoushakian opened Highlands Jewelers in Carmel Valley in 1989, he was a pioneer, with one of the first retail stores in the small community just north of San Diego.

Over the years, Carmel Valley has grown into a vibrant, prosperous center for families, businesses and culture. As the community has grown, so has Victor’s reputation and customer base. His name is now well-established in the world of jewelry. Highlands Jewelers is respected throughout the world and is known for its honesty, reliability and customer service.


Highlands Jewelers has a broad base of experience in all metals, diamonds, precious stones and gemstones, with an emphasis on specialty jewelry design and repair. We take great pride in catering to ​a diverse, discerning clientele whose loyalty has been fostered through our personal commitment to integrity and goodwill. Inherent in these services is an unwavering dedication to dependable quality service.

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